Pamela Mann, for all your hosiery needs

Pamela Mann's history can be traced back to the early 60's and still, the future seems bright. Pamela Mann believe the ongoing success of Pamela Mann is due to the continuous investment, innovation, development and commitment to fulfill hosiery requirements.

Pamela Mann's strength is fulfillment - being able to deliver what the customer wants and needs. This, associated with highly efficient production and distribution systems, allows Pamela Mann to produce top of the range products at affordable prices.

The Pamela Mann key driver starts with Quality and ends with Quality. In between, it is about producing a range of quality hosiery products with wide-ranging appeal that is cost-effective, fashionable and fun.

With more than 50 year's worth of experience we have:-

Sold more than

  • 111 million pairs of tights
  • 21 million pairs of stockings
  • 12 million pairs of socks


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